Think Now for Tomorrow’s Needs

by Heather Adams

in Inspiration

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Alhamdulillah – Thanks God. Now Thinking Tomorrow is ready to go!

I spent the previous weekend building this site – modifying and adding features that could help to convey the message described through it.

Navigation, widgets and other features are put into the site with deep thinking in mind (although it’s my way of building features for other blogs).

So why Thinking Tomorrow?

I got inspired to create Thinking Tomorrow due to various programs and events which I follow under Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) including talks, events and discussions. Thanks to MIP, I become realize about the importance to concern about environment and see the future’s needs from time to time. Yes, in fact there’s a lot of green and environmental sites out there but I tend to create a platform where people with same vision and passion on environment can gather and share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on how we can think and do for tomorrow’s needs.

We might not much concern about our environment, system or our rights so I hope by sharing and reading articles through this platform we can create a sense of awareness in ourselves and towards others. A word might affect a single breath in the future, that’s a possibility that we can’t deny.

There’s no ‘rewind’ term when we’re talking about time. And at the time we realize the consequences, it might too late to feel regret.

Start to think now for tomorrow’s needs.

Thinking tomorrow.

* Nice articles and good grammar are bonus, but ability to convey the message is essential.

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Anas Fahmie HZ August 20, 2010 at 5:54 pm

its my greatest pleasure to accept your invitation! will come out with sth soon~ =)


thinkingtomorrow August 22, 2010 at 10:20 pm

Thanks a lot Anas. Eagerly waiting materials from you! =D


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