Recycling Your Books

by Susanna Thompson

in Inspiration

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Some people mentioned that printed books are slowly becoming a thing of the past and a kind of old technology. Although this is not 100% acceptable as printed books provide different experiences and sensations for the readers, we also have to think of this matter – if the newly device such as E-Books and tablets become some people’s choices, where will the printed books go?

A great idea to be considered is – recycle them!

Unlike other things, recycling books is quite straightforward and simple. The easiest thing that you can do to recycle your books is by passing them other people who need them. You can donate your books for free or sell them via dealers or online bookstores. By doing this, you are not only helping other people to get the books they need, but also save more trees!

You can also take your old books to your local charity shop where they will use your books to raise funds for charity purposes. It is better than holding the books in your stores.

How about the old books which are not relevant anymore or you didn’t succeed in passing or selling them to others? Well- you can try to send them to the recycle stations or manufacturers so they can use your books by shredding them to make new books. Although this is not easy, it is a wise idea and you might get some cash from it.

There is also a website which facilitates children by organizing book drives at their colleges to spread the love of reading and recycling – Book Ends.

Still having books which you don’t want to read or use anymore? Consider recycling them!

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