Practicing Green Lifestyle

by Heather Adams

in Environment

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Nowadays we can see that our lifestyle has been changed due to our environment and modernization. In particular, some families are starting to aim their lifestyle into a way that promotes an earth kindly lifestyle.

Let’s see some of the ways of practicing green lifestyle.

An important way to support a green lifestlye is by reducing the quantity of garbage produced. For example you can try using cotton rags instead of paper towels or use washable cotton napkins instead of comp napkins. Pack your food using reusable containers instead of plastic bags and stop purchasing stuff string single serve containers such as juice boxes and bottled waters.

Support local farmers within your area and contribute by farming at your home too. You can start with small plants. This is a great tip which encouraging the households to lead a green and healthy lifestyle since it is more fun and saving than taking your time buying fresh vegetables at supermarket.

Save things according to their functions such as paper towel tubes, egg cartons trays, CD and etc.The stuffs can be reused for craft projects and decorations for your family. Cut worn out jeans to make shorts for the progeny to play in when they are going to get grubby. Reuse old shirts by adults for kids doing art. And you can also reuse plastic jars to store insignificant your stationery.

There is a logic reason behind the familiar slogan of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” that most people don’t realize. Our actions make all the difference because a major part to solve our environmental problems needs actions.

We use energy in our daily life from petrol in our cars to electricity for us to watch TV. And the primary source of this energy comes from dazzling fossil fuels, which has the possibility to create pollution and harming our environment.

Therefore the incredibly important step is to reduce our consumption.

A simple system of different bin systems within your local areas to sort the materials from paper and glass would increase the efficiency of recycling efforts. You can start implementing this bin system at home.

Organic matter at the landfill produces problems of leaching and contamination of groundwater when it decomposes. And they also need high cost for the process of incineration. Instead of going those processes, the sorted organic matter can can be used to make fertilizer for your garden and believe it or not the organic matters that can be collected from neighborhoods and cities can be used to produce energy for a whole town!

You can also reduce waste by do less packaging and use chargeable batteries. Avoid the of use plastic cups, paper napkins and plates when go for picnics. Bring your own bags when shopping. Use refillable bottles when traveling.

Save electricity.

Save water.

Go biodegradable.

Eat organic. Organic foods are not only fresher, they are also environmentally friendlier.

These are a lot more convenient ways to conserve the limited resources as well as reducing household waste and save energy to help promote a more sustainable environment. We need to practice this green lifestyle into our daily life and inform others about the benefits of a green lifestyle so this way of thinking can be spread to other people and future generations.

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