The Power for Future Generations

by Heather Adams

in Technology

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Gradually everyone has grown to become aware that the climate is evolving.

The latest floods that have damaged massive tracts of acreage were undoubtedly terribly – the clear signals that the weather patterns are not the same as they were in earlier times. We tend to get hotter and hotter in areas whereas alternative places get wetter. Some places is certain to get drier and additionally windier. These types of transformations have brought on abnormal events to our environment – one of them is severe flooding.

Climate is a huge challenge – not only for humans but also for the environment – and there are still many arguments regarding causes of it. One fair reality to be said is that humans continue to utilize fossil fuels to make energy including coal, gas and oil, that are used to operate cars and industrial facilities and move ships to faraway countries across the ocean. The power that produces the bulk of the ability in many countries is coming from fossil fuels.

In fact many experts have demonstrated that these sources are the prime culprit that creates greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and traps the heat as opposed to releasing it directly into space. This trapped heat comes back to the system and influences the entire climate system as we’re experiencing it at the moment.

It is about time for us to start using alternative energy as in fact there are lots of free energy sources that we can get from the nature. A good example is the constant sunshine which is available in most parts of the world. Sunlight in fact can become a continuous supply of energy. You might feel amaze to realize that you can build a solar power system for less than $150!

Another alternative source of power is the blowing wind – it is everywhere. We can turn out a wind generator to catch the wind and convert it to energy. This can be the system that converts kinetic energy from wind to mechanical energy.

Depending too much on fossil fuels will then force us into a terrible situation in the future because they are limited and in the same time harming ourselves and the environment. That is the strongest reason why we should move from fossil fuel dependence to a clean-energy future for our future generations.

The choice is ours!

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