People, Rights & Understanding

by Heather Adams

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I love to read the Metro section of The Star Online as local issues and problems are published daily. Nowadays Internet helps to spread messages faster and this should be the one of it.

Some people might think publishing information on local issues and problems will expose local authority’s weakness but in fact this is the best way to appreciate the people’s rights – we should know what is happening in our living area. I see this as a positive sign of awareness.

Lack of pedestrian networking, inappropriate projects, proposals which could result in increase of level of pollution, and many more – you might sometimes feel shock to read all of them daily, but in fact the issues and problems on the ground are much more that you can read on papers.

However we should feel grateful the rights of the people is being appreciated. Residents can make their objections or giving suggestions during public participation – and it’s the most suitable time to know what people really want.

The problem is some people still not very clear about their rights. I attended a talk organized by local authority where the officer mentioned that they received a tons of complaints and suggestions during public participation but only a little percentage of them are truly relevant for the plan-making process.

“Some residents asked us to clear the bushes in front of their house. That’s out of our scope”.

That means we can’t feel satisfy enough to see the growing awareness of the people – the next important thing is to make it clear about their rights.

The latest update while I’m writing this article is about the first meeting between Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) and the residents which will happen soon where Selangor residents are welcomed to give their suggestions on the state 2011 budget.

“If the people understand our limitations and identify the grounds to be improved, priorities can be established and this will also bring us closer to the people than before,” as Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said.

I believe this is a supporting move from the authority to let the people talk about their rights and in the same time understand what is the limitation and priorities of the government.

Let’s hope that this positive updates will help to provide a better environment and a better place for our generation to live.

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