Consider All Factors When Making a Go at Recycling

by Heather Adams

in Technology

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Neighborhood recycling drives can be a simple and worthwhile way to do something good for the environment especially in areas where an adequate government run recycling program has yet to be put into place. Gathering up a team of just a dozen volunteers two weekends a month could reap thousands of cans and a plethora of pulp in just one turn. It’s simply just a matter of getting the households to prepare and separate their waste the night before and have folks with trash bags stop by.

Your next move would most likely be your method of moving the recyclables. I’d imagine one volunteer would have a truck, and at the end of the day you’d haul the booty to the nearest recycling center (if you live in the aforementioned hypothetical town where there is no recycling program, this could be miles away.) Therein lays the problem: your hard work will be diminished to a great degree by the high amounts of carbon monoxide emitted into the air when moving your recyclables. More importantly how far that vehicle has to go and how often will determine whether or not your efforts are simply symbolic or are making results.

Solving this problem is a little tricky but it’s just a matter of sitting down and figuring out the logistics. Often what can be done is that along with offering to haul away a part of your neighbors’ garbage, you may petition for a small donation, perhaps just a dollar, towards the use of storage units, if there’s a location that’s practically convenient relative to the recycling center. That way you can keep collected recycling stored for months before you commit to a transport. One big truck hauling the maximum amount of recycling that can fit in the bed once every six months is going to increase the effects of your efforts simply by eliminating the unnecessary expulsion of energy one truck hauling one/tenth of its capacity twice a month would do instead.

Storage facilities offer climate control almost universally so make sure to see if you can go somewhere where it can be turned off, since your recyclables won’t need to be preserved or kept from dry-rotting. That way you save even more energy in your effort to renew your used products and your planet.

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