Benefits of The Artificial Greens

by Heather Adams

in Environment

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Artificial greens defined as artificial surface that resembles the real grass. There are many benefits of installing artificial green grass for your properties which are:


The comfort provided by the artificial green grass is definitely comparable to the comfort provided by actual green grass. The only difference is the extra rubber fitting just below the greens that provides the natural comfort of the grass.


The artificial green also provides the best safety measures for your properties including theme parks and sports facilities. You will realize this when you have large numbers of people utilizing the particular space as the rubber top of the artificial green grass is relatively easy to be maintained and clean. You also have nothing to worry about your kids as anyone who falls on the grass will have a soft and safe landing.


The rich green coloration of the artificial green provides a cool soothing and relaxing feeling to your eyes which helps to relax your mind. Getting yourself surrounded by a fresh green lawn is one of the proven ways to relieve your stress and improving your moods.

There are several different types of artificial grass to choose from. Most are not only easy to install, they are very cost effective for the value which they add to your property and very easy to maintain.

Some of the types are:

  • Fresh Cut 67 and 107 – come with monofilament or dual-filament, a polyethylene finish, sand filling, and urethane backing.
  • Classic 36, Realistic, Saw Grass, Turf Lawn 26, True Grass XL42, True Grass XL24, Sod Grass, and Classic 48 – most natural finishes and feels available plus high quality draining features in some cases and suitable to be applied in larger spaces.

Get benefits by getting artificial greens for your properties today!

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